Social value

Innovation Chain North (ICN) aims to place a greater emphasis on social value, so that every call off from the framework will positively impact the wider economy. The framework tender evaluation process applied a 10% weighting for social value. Our award winning approach to seeking social value pledges from suppliers as part of the framework tender will deliver quantifiable social value outcomes against each call off. By supplying a management tool alongside the pledge we are enabling our clients to negotiate and agree specific social value outcomes against each call off in line with their own social value goals and the suppliers social value pledge.

Each contractor and consultant submitted a social value pledge as part of the framework tender process. For contractors this was per £1,000,000 contract value – for consultants this was per £10,000 fee income. An ICN social value tool has been developed and is available to clients via the secure portal. This tool enables the client to see the social value pledge offered by the contractors and consultants and will calculate the total pledge to reflect the specific scheme value. The actions to deliver the pledge can then be agreed with the supplier to meet the needs of the client, the community and/or residents.

Social value in numbers

£1.1 million

of social value is pledged by consultants

Consultants have offered specialist advice for voluntary, community, or social enterprise organisations, donated money for digital equipment, provided employment advice at careers fayres, and much more.

£20.1 million

of social value is pledged by contractors

Contractors have committed to spending on supplies within the local economy, hiring full-time apprentices from the local area, donating money to charities against homelessness, and much more.

Related case studies

Eldervale and Whitebeam Close – Social Value

Location: Wigan

Number of houses: 69

Summary of the Delivered Social Value:

Caddick Construction has taken on 6 bricklaying apprentices and an engineering apprentice:
Taking on apprentices creates value for Caddick, the individual apprentice and the construction industry in general. The individual is provided with valuable hands-on experience and opportunities for growth within the construction...

Hattersley Central – Social Value

Location: Hyde, Tameside

Number of houses: 161

Summary of the Delivered Social Value

Rowlinson hired locally and trained apprentices

Rowlinson engaged with the local workforce by employing a team of skilled individuals, including five bricklayers, and a gateman, groundworker, fork lift driver, and labourer. Rowlinson also provided opportunities for skill development through the hiring and training of three...

Victoria Avenue – Social Value

Location: Manchester

Number of houses: 25

Summary of the Delivered Social Value:

Encourage Resident Participation:

John Southworth provided introduction letters to all neighbouring properties and will provide quarterly newsletters. The newsletters will provide a general project update and will notify any potential disruptions. This creates the foundations for a positive relationship between the community...

York Street – Social Value

Location: Wigan

Number of houses: 13

Summary of the Delivered Social Value:

Apprentice electrician and bricklayer on site:

Tyson hired two apprentices on the site at York Street. Providing the opportunity for young people to get valuable hands-on experience. By offering these individuals an opportunity to learn and develop within a real-world construction environment, Wigan Council and Tyson...