We strive to deliver high quality, sustainable homes that meet the current and future needs of our residents, through a compliant framework that encourages innovation, benefits from collaborative working and achieves efficiencies. We seek to offer this to the market place by enabling partners to:

  • Achieve evidence of value for money outcomes which are benchmarked
  • Access an efficient way to achieve best practice procurement and funding compliance
  • Make sure all service providers perform to high standards
  • Make sure due diligence is observed when managing their supply chains
  • Promote a culture of innovation and continuous improvement
  • Maximise the opportunities we have to add social value to all of our work
  • Collaborate with sector peers to share learning and experiences and work together
  • Access up to date standardised information, which includes:
    • Employer’s Requirements for affordable housing and additional versions for modular delivery
    • Contract Suite, including:
      • Updated JCT 2016 Design and Build Contract amendments.
      • Newly added JCT 2016 Minor Works Contract amendments.
      • Modular addendum to JCT 2016 Design and Build Contract.
      • Groundworks Direct Works Order Contract.
    • Fully updated suite of standard house types including types for modular delivery; and types covering Non NDSS and NDSS
    • Design Guide
    • Service Brief and standard appointment letters for each lot
    • Full set of KPIs
    • Access to due diligence documentation

The framework was operational from the beginning of July 2020 and will run for four years until the end of June 2024.

The framework has been tendered in accordance with Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and is therefore OJEU compliant. The OJEU Notice 2019/S 223-546010 was issued on 19.11.2019.

For the purposes of the OJEU Notice, we calculated the maximum throughput value of the framework. Using the data from previous ICNW frameworks, future development programme ambitions of interested clients, the increased geographical area of ICN and the additional lots we estimated this to be approx. £750m for the four year period across all lots.

The ICN framework covers the North of England, from Cumbria and Northumberland in the north to Lincolnshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire in the south.

Innovation Chain North has 12 contractor lots, 11 consultant lots and a Modular Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

In addition to the contractor lots outlined above, ICN has also introduced a Modular Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). This is a new market offer and will enable clients to access modular suppliers in a compliant manner.

There are four proposed lots in the DPS, which have been fully scoped and defined. Each lot covers the North of England:

  • Panellised
  • Volumetric
  • Turnkey (where manufacturers also provide on-site construction works)
  • ICN house type delivery (where manufacturers commit to deliver the ICN house types via panellised or volumetric solutions)

A robust process was followed to evaluate all bidders including model answers, dual marking and moderation for all questions. We received a substantial number of high quality bids. The bids were evaluated as follows:

Price 60%
Quality 30%
Social Value 10%

Price 50%
Quality 40%
Social Value 10%

Each contractor and consultant submitted a social value pledge as part of the tender process. For contractors this was per £1,000,000 contract value; for consultants this was per £10,000 fee income. An ICN social value tool has been developed and will be available on the portal. This tool will enable the client to see the social value pledge offered by the contractors and consultants, it will gross up the pledge to reflect the specific scheme value and the actions to deliver the pledge can then be adapted for individual projects to meet the needs of the client, the community and/or residents, whilst maintaining the delivery of the total value of the suppliers pledge.

No, the contractors and consultants are fixed for the 4 year lifespan of the framework. If you are a new consultant or contractor looking to join, please get in contact with us and we will add you onto our mailing list for when we re-procure.

A ‘call off’ can either be through direct award or by mini competition. Direct award is based on the client’s unique requirements, so clients choose which consultant and/or contractor would be most suitable to deliver each project. Selection of consultants and contractors will be made with support from the Procurement and Performance Manager and advice will be given on suitability, workload allocated through the framework and KPIs.

A client is a registered housing provider, so either a housing association or local authority who would join the framework to ‘call off’ the services and works of the consultants and contractors. This would also include any subsidiaries of the registered housing provider.

The process is very straightforward. You will enter into and Access Agreement with Great Places Housing Group, a copy of which can be provided upon request. It is a simple document that sets out the terms and conditions of joining the framework and also the service provided by us and what we expect from you as a client. Upon completion of the document you will receive an invoice for the joining fee and/or annual fee (dependant on which joining option you choose). You will also be given login details for the ICN portal where a full suite of documentation is available.

Clients can join at any time during the four year period of the framework. If a client joins part way through the four year period, then the fee will be pro-rated for the remaining term.

Prices are available on request. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Joanne Whitehead (Procurement and Performance Manager) – responsible for managing the framework

Mischa Hollens (Development Administrator) – responsible for administration support for the framework

Nick Gornall (Head of Development) – responsible for senior leadership support

Helen Spencer (Executive Director of Growth) – responsible director

Benchmarking data is shared with clients and Employers Agents on the framework on a six monthly basis. This is provided on a £/sqm basis of schemes being procured through the framework. The data is shown on a lot by lot basis on also on a tendered v direct negotiation basis.

We also provide information to clients on average consultant fees across all lots.

Care to join us?

For more information and membership enquiries contact:
Innovation Chain North team
[email protected]