Space Modular Ltd

Space Modular is an innovative & creative Property Development and Contracting Company at the forefront of ‘Off-Site’ Construction with the ability to produce high quality, energy efficient homes at volume.


Working with a team of professional & multi-disciplined people, we provide solutions to the UK Construction Industry by using highly advanced off-site techniques. Our cutting edge energy efficient system surpasses all UK Building Regulations dramatically reducing construction programme times, along with on-site disruption and provides an earlier return on investment.


By using the latest technology and materials, we produce the most efficient homes which are 50% more economical to run than the average UK home. We significantly exceed all current Building Regulations ensuring our houses are more cost-effective and safer due to materials utilised.


We are on a mission to become the UK’s largest off-site manufacturer in order to solve the UK’s housing shortfall. By creating consistently high-quality, energy-efficient homes at speed we will exceed the delivery of any other construction method and are pioneers within this field.


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