Rider Levett Bucknall UK Ltd


Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB) is a global independent construction, property and management consultancy. We bring a fresh perspective combining technical expertise and technology to deliver service excellence.



We offer a range of complementary cost consultancy, project management, programme management, building surveying, health & safety and advisory services. We work from conception, through design, construction and operational performance of facilities to their eventual disposal or reuse. We are committed to developing new services and techniques aimed at enhancing our clients’ businesses in the long term.



Our clients have rapid access to the latest industry intelligence and innovations, which serve to enhance value and mitigate risk. We provide expert management of the relationship between value, time and cost from inception to completion. We do this through our global and local team of experts, who possess a passion for both core services and innovation.



Residential is leading sector for RLB. In the last five years we delivered over £5bn+ residential construction and 20,000 homes. A sample of our experience can be found on our website