Onward Homes

Onward is one of the largest registered providers of social housing in the North West, with 35,000 properties across the region.

We are committed to the regeneration and sustainability of the North West by building 400 new homes each year and by making a positive difference in the communities we serve.

As an organisation Onward is relatively new, but our legacy stretches back over 50 years.
Established in April 2018, Onward (formerly known as Symphony Housing Group) brought together five housing associations – Contour Homes, Liverpool Housing Trust, Hyndburn Homes, Peak Valley Housing Association and Ribble Valley Homes – under one simple group structure.

Bringing these organisations together has allowed us to invest more in our homes and neighbourhoods, improve our services, and make a greater contribution to the sustainable regeneration of communities in the North West.

From our neighbourhood housing specialists on the ground to our leadership team in the boardroom, we’re all united by a clear vision:

To make a positive difference in the communities we serve.

We deliver high quality homes and first class services that make a real difference to the people living in our neighbourhoods.

Related Case Studies

Hattersley Central

Consultant: Simon Fenton Partnership

Contractor: Rowlinson Construction Limited

Client: Onward Homes

Location: Hattersley, Hyde

Number of houses: 161

Hattersley Central is a large scale development split across 4 separate sites. Onward Homes has significant stock within Hattersley and a very strong connection with the local community. This development was important to improve that local community and improve the level of service Onward delivers in Hattersley.

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